With an ever expanding versatile fleet of over 120 vehicles, we can guarantee trucks in every region of Southern Africa. Our trucks are modern, state of the art backed up by a dedicated operations team, ensuring our highly trained drivers deliver your goods on time and in perfect crystal cool conditions. We can commit to a 20% fleet increase during peak seasons with our spare vehicles.

30 Pallet Refrigerated Tri-Axle Trailers

28 ton / 30 pallets
Length: 15.2m, Width: 2.4m, Height: 2.4m
Volume: 86 m³
Temperature range: -25°C to +20°C
±200 Beef carcasses sides
±1200 Lamb carcasses

36 Pallet Taut-Liner Trailers

34 ton / 36 pallets
Length: 18.2m, Width: 2.4m, Height: 2.6m
Volume: 112 m³
Ambient Cargo / Dry Loads

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