Driver Culture

Here at Crystal Cool we believe in top quality service. We believe in recruiting only the best drivers.

We go the extra mile to ensure the work environment is pleasant and safe for all. We believe in an open door policy between drivers, planners and managers.

We have a people caring culture here at Crystal Cool and strive to make the workplace an environment where everyone feels at home.


Owner Driver

In 2008 Crystal Cool implemented the very successful owner-driver program, which annually enables about 2 or more drivers to become owner-drivers.

Crystal Cool, together with an administration company provides a program of support, guidance and development for the individual owner-drivers. Previous weekly wage-earning employees are given the opportunity to develop as entrepreneurs and to build up a capital base over a four – five-year period.

The success of the program is based on high levels of productivity that stems from a genuine pride and sense of ownership.



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Champion Driver Program

Our drivers are our most enduring advantage and we believe in rewarding good service. We have multiple incentive programs in place to ensure we constantly reward our drivers when doing well.


We currently run a “ CHAMPION DRIVER “ campaign. There is a criteria and standard which needs to be held in order to qualify. There is a champion bonus every month if criteria is met. In addition, drivers can qualify for other incentives on top of their monthly champion bonuses if they deliver good work monthly. Rewards like DVD players, televisions, fridges etc.

If a driver is a champion driver for 12 months consecutively we also reward them with champion driver clothing and Jackets. They are then also placed in line for a chance to become an owner driver. Monthly one on one sessions is held with each driver to give feedback on how they are doing, this also gives drivers the opportunity to speak freely about their experience of the work environment.