Capacity & Capability

Fleet size of 120 trucks Nationwide
Nationwide network and depots
Highly trained staff
Top quality drivers
24/7/365 customer service
24/7/365 breakdown services

Equipment & Maintenance

We have the smartest fleet in the country with the latest spec to optimize load capacity and secure temperature environments. All our vehicles are fitted with tracking equipment, ensuring better quality and on time service. Our whole fleet is aluminium box bodies. The advantages for our customers will be as follow:

These trailers carry a net tonnage of 28 to 29 tons and 30 pallet deck space.
Thickened side panels for maintaining better temperature.
Solid floor and side wall lining for heavy duty durability (Forklift handling).
Fitted with load tracks to ensure load protection in transit.
All trailers are fitted with Green Wings to ensure fuel efficiency.
Fridge units (PPECB APPROVED) are fitted with tracking to monitor temperatures.

Equipment & Maintenance

Primary preventative maintenance is done on service/maintenance plans facilitated by Volvo, Mercedes Benz and Scania. We also operate full service and maintenance facilities located in Gauteng, Western Cape and Eastern Cape.

These facilities are managed by our national technical department with specific focus on 24 hour technical backup and support for preventative maintenance, major repairs, tyre services and mobile breakdown support. Comprehensive daily vehicle inspections are completed prior to dispatching of each and every vehicle.

Dedicated Operations Team

Crystal Cool provides a dedicated operations team to all our customers. The advantages are:

A well-organized team with a mutual goal.
Shorter communication links.
Responsibilities assigned to specific persons.
Dedicated focus applied to specified areas.

Drivers & Owner Drivers

Driver management & safe driving programs:

Driver training programs
Drivers undergo medical check-ups & health monitoring
We encourage healthy living through posters, weekly safety talks & training by thein-house Driver Training Department.
Safe and clean sleeping facilities are provided for all drivers.
Driving hours are managed in accordance to Bargaining Council and monitored byour 24 hour tracking department.
Our driver to truck ratio is 1:1.15, thus we have extra/spare drivers in our system.

Owner Driver Value

In 2008 Crystal Cool implemented the very successful owner-driver program, which annually enables about 2 or more drivers to become owner-drivers.

Crystal Cool, together with an administration company provides a program of support, guidance and development for the individual owner-drivers. Previous weekly wage-earning employees are given the opportunity to develop as entrepreneurs and to build up a capital base over a four – five-year period. The
success of the program is based on high levels of productivity that stems from a genuine pride and sense of ownership. This program also acts as a backup for strikes.


Our total solution to our clients includes fleet flexibility for peak vehicle demand. This enables us to offer an increased dedicated fleet of up to 20% of the core fleet during peak periods.


We will supply a tailor-made logistics solution.
Ensuring basic, solid, reliable service levels.
Ensuring trucks run on time with a dedicated operations team running parallel with our IT solutions, giving real time information and reports.

Our management systems consist of Datatim and C-Track Max for operations and load scheduling. Together with this we use Accpac for our accounting software. We can also integrate with SAP. Currently we are in a trial period with Trackmatic to merge our systems together with real-time temperature

tracking and load tracking visibility. This system can adapt to changes, and adjust according to client requirements. Reports can also be built in the system as part of a KPI measurement.


Crystal Cool is proudly South African and aims to develop a stronger and healthier company to contribute to the economic growth of South Africa and its people.

We are currently a level 3 (three) contributor on the BBBEE score card.

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